Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Basketball Results Are In!!!

What an exciting final today!!!

Gold:The Bucks!!

Silver: The Smurf Globe Trotters

Bronze: Flying Pigeons

4th Place: The Nets

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


There have been many exciting things going on in our classroom. We welcomed our wonderful student teacher, Miss Vanzant. This is in her final placement of a two-year education program at Lakehead University. We are lucky to have her with us until April 27.


In literacy, we introduced the "Wax Museum" today! All students have completed a biography earlier in the term and the next step is we will increase the font size and glue them onto very large poster paper (60 cm x 150 cm). The biography “poster” will be the first phase of our Living Wax Museum project. Next, students will actually pretend to become the subject of their biography and write a short monologue as that person. We talked about the difference between third and first person perspective when writing. Finally, once the biography poster AND the monologue are complete, the students will actually dress up and become the subject of their biography. On a date sometime at the beginning of May, students will become part of our Living Wax Museum, where they stand by their poster and talk to museum guests.  More information to come!

We are also continuing with our daily 4 centres: read to self, read to the teacher, work on writing, word work. On the fifth day of the week, daily 4 centres are over and we typically work on our Kindness Diaries Media Unit.

“The Kindness Diaries” is a very interesting and eye-opening media unit.  We have been watching short video clips about the adventures of a man named Leon Logothetis. Leon used to work as a broker in the financial industry. He made a lot of money in his career, but was overworked and tired of all the negativity he saw around him. He decided to leave that life and travel around the world. There was only one catch. He would not bring any money with him on his journey. He would only bring his vintage motorbike, which he named Kindness 1.  His goal was to travel around the world, relying completely on the kindness of strangers.

At first, the students in the class thought that it would be impossible for Leon to make the journey without any money for food, shelter, or gas. After a few days, they quickly realized that the random acts of kindness from strangers that Leon received along the way, would ultimately take him around the world. The best part, is that every so often, Leon meets a kind stranger that he wants to present with a gift of his own. The gifts that Leon gives to these strangers have the potential to change their lives forever. We have had fun mapping Leon’s journey on a world map, making predictions about who would help Leon, making connections and drawing conclusions as we learn about how people live in different countries around the world. It is also a fun way to examine perspective and point of view.

Miss Vanzant has also been teaching a new unit on poetry.


We finished our unit on multiplication and division last week and have begun working on fractions. So far, we have started very slowly, talking about what a fraction is, the parts of a fraction and comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators. As we move through the unit, we will cover how to find equivalent fractions, the difference between proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. We will also examine ratios, percent, and unit rate. Throughout the unit, we will apply our knowledge of fractions to real-life events and work on extending our thinking through problem solving.


On Wednesday, March 28, we welcomed Scientist Brian from Cosmic Connections. He spent the whole day with us at Minesing. In the morning he led a workshop with students to introduce Flight, which is our next unit. The students learned about the history of flight, and took a ground school course. Once they passed the ground school course, they were able to use the flight simulator to land a plane at the Billy Bishop airport on Toronto Island. Congratulations to Kieran and Luke, who successfully landed the plane! The rest of us need a few more weeks at ground school (myself included)!

In the afternoon, scientist Brian led an amazing workshop on astronomy. The students learned so much, and asked so many thoughtful and interesting questions. What a wonderful experience. We are now very excited for April 8, 2024 when we will experience the next solar eclipse that will cross southern Ontario. Mark your calendars!

Scientist Brian came back to our school in the evening and hosted a Star Party for students and their families. What a night! He began in the gym by telling us all about the different constellations, planets, and satellites. We looked at a large constellation map which explained exactly where to look in the night sky. After this, we all went outdoors and looked through telescopes. What a fantastic time!

Overall, it was a wonderful day and evening! Thank you Scientist Brian! I hope you will make the drive to Minesing again in the future!

Social Studies

In social studies we are continuing to examine how Canada interacts with other countries. We have covered different trade agreements, and how they impact the countries involved. Students have looked at different situations that have highlighted the relationship between Canada and another country and how that event has impacted Canada. For example, the Keystone XL Pipeline, Walmart coming to Canada, etc.

 Thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to a wonderful, warmer  April!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


January has been a very busy month for our grade 6 students! They have been working very hard researching and presenting their hard work. Students presented their MINESING Talks speeches, demonstrating impressive speaking and listening skills. Our school MINESING Talks competition held on Tuesday, February 6th at 11:30 am. was a huge success. Congratulations to Grace, Mason and Kieran, who represented our class in the competition. A special shout out to Mason for getting third place!

In science, we have completed our unit on biodiversity. As a culminating task, students have chosen a specific biome and have researched that biome. They examined lifeforms from the five kingdoms (animals, plants, protist, monera, and fungi), and also researched threats and protections to the biome. Students shared their research findings using Google Slides or another format of their choice. We were able to enjoy a variety of presentations on many different biomes, including freshwater, saltwater, wetlands, mangroves, grasslands, wetlands, tropical rainforest, and boreal forest. We have since moved on to SPACE!

In social studies, students have finished their inquiries for Strand A: Communities in Canada: Past and Present. Students studied a particular event in Canada’s history, examining the perspectives of the different groups involved. We learned about a variety of Canada’s past events, including, the Underground Railroad, the M.S. St. Louis, Japanese Internment Camps, Chinese Head Tax, Residential Schools, and many more. Once students examined the perspectives of the some of the groups involved, they then came up with a thoughtful inquiry question and answered this question based on their research. Some students have even expressed interest in participating in this year’s Heritage Fair that will take place at the Simcoe County Museum in the spring! This week we began Strand B in social studies, Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community.

In math, we are finishing up our unit on measurement. We have converted metric units and solved problems involving the perimeter and area of 2-D shapes, and solved problems involving volume and surface area of prisms. Next, we will move onto geometry. If is is possible, students should bring in a math set for angle construction.

On Wednesday, January 31st, we were lucky to invite “Artist Sean” to our class for a half day workshop on cartooning. He worked with our students, explaining the importance and popularity of cartooning and illustration in today’s art world. Students explored various ways to create their own character and then produced ‘buttons’ of these characters using a Artist Sean’s button machine. With Artist Sean’s workshop, students touched on various curriculum expectations:

Overall Expectations
-produce a two-dimensional work of art that communicates a range of ideas for specific purpose and to a specific audience, using a variety of familiar art tools, materials, and techniques
-identify the elements of design and the principles of design and use them appropriately
-explain the interpretation of variety of art works, with examples of how the elements and some of the principles of design are used in the work
-use correct vocabulary and art terminology

In addition, they touched on many specific art curriculum expectations in the categories of Knowledge of Elements, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. It was a fantastic day!

February also marks Valentine's day, Carnival and the beginning of the Winter Olympics. 

Please check your child's agenda and the remind app regularly for updates this month.

Yours in education,

Lianne Hodgins

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