Monday, 15 January 2018


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very happy and restful holiday!

Now that we are back at school, we are very busy learning and researching as we near the end of term one.

Please find below some information about what we are currently doing in each of the subject areas.


We have just begun our new unit on measurement and have also revisited some multiplication strategies. We have spent time working on converting between metric units, and solving problems involving metric conversions. Today, we moved on to perimeter and area. Students may wish to review their multiplication facts at home as this will help them greatly when converting units of measure, as well as calculating perimeter and area of 2-D shapes.


It’s that time of year again! We have begun thinking about speech topics. Similar to last year, Minesing is using the TED Talks format in our speeches. We have viewed some different TED Talks and have begun to talk about what makes a good speech topic. Students are asked to have chosen a topic by Monday, January 15th. There is an electronic copy available to them on the Google Classroom.



Social Studies

Throughout this term, we have examined the experiences of several cultural groups that have immigrated to Canada. To finish the unit, students will use their inquiry skills to examine a particular event that has happened in Canadian history and look at this event from the perspectives of at least two groups. The assignment is available electronically in the Google Classroom.



This is a very busy time for students as we near the end of the term. The timelines have been outlined very clearly for speeches and social studies.  Students will present their MINESING Talks Speech on either January 31, February 1 or February 2. The school speech competition will be in the library on Tuesday, February 6th at 11:30 am (see detailed timeline for more information).

Students will be provided with plenty of class time and teacher support to help complete their assignments. If they wish to work at home, they are welcome to, however, if they use their class time efficiently, this will not be necessary.

The beauty of having this blog and the Google Classroom is that students have access to their work even on snow days! 😊

Please contact me at any time if you have questions regarding any of the upcoming assignments or curriculum expectations.

Mrs. Hodgins 😊

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