Monday, 20 November 2017

Patterning Test and Class Update

It has been a very busy few weeks in our grade 6 class! It was great to have the opportunity to meet all of our wonderful grade 6 families last week to celebrate your successes and goal set for the upcoming months.

In math, we are finishing our patterning unit and will be having a test on Friday. You can find a practice test in the math section of this blog. We have been talking about repeating, growing, and shrinking patterns. We have also been building patterns with algebra tiles. This has allowed us to differentiate between the constant and the multiplier in the patterns we build. Students have been using the recursive pattern rule to extend the patterns they build, as well as use the explicit pattern rule to find any given term in a growing pattern.

In language, we have finished our class novel study on The City of Ember. Students have asked questions, made predictions, summarized, and visualized. They also used the Answer Sandwich model to respond to the text, using specific answers from the text to support their answers. As a culminating project that linked with our electricity unit in science, students created a model of The City of Ember, and wired it with series and parallel circuits to make it light up! Now we have moved on to our new class novel, Wonder.

We also finished writing and sharing our Halloween mystery stories, which were a lot of fun! The best part was sharing them in the circle on Halloween. Our next major writing assignment will be on descriptive writing. More information to come!

In science, we have wrapped up our electricity unit and have moved on to biodiversity. So far, we have talked about classifying life forms.

We have been super busy, and only 5 weeks to the winter break! As always, thank you for your continued support! 😊

Mrs. Hodgins

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