Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Reading at home is key

Even if your child is in grade 6 you can still read at home with him/her! Alternate reading pages or paragraphs aloud to each other! Borrow books on tape or CD from the library and have your child follow along, too!

***When you read at home with your child, it is important to have your child figure out unknown words on his/her own by:

  • Sound it out
  • Skip it, read on, go back 
  •  Look for familiar chunks in the word, for example in “wagon” there’s “ag” as in “bag” and the chunk “on” 
  • Divide words into syllables e. Always ask self “does that look right, sound right, make sense?”

Information compiled by: Araujo, Judith E., M.Ed., CAGS. “Expectations By Grade Level.” Mrs. Judy Araujo, Reading Specialist. N.p., 4 May 2012. Web. <http://www.mrsjudyaraujo.com/expectations-by-grade-level/>.   

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